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1 mg is an e-commerce health care company based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. The company was founded in 2012 as HealthkartPlus, a subsidiary of HealthKart, by Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal and Vikas Chauhan.

1 mg began as HealthKartPlus, a medical information repository, until it had been hived off from HealthKart, also developed into a market for medicines. To grab the best deals and discounts shop at Shop4lyf.

On the Use of funds of 1 mg

“Our final funding was one year back and now we are looking to expand our operations. We are in about 12 cities and we would like to go to about 30 cities by the end of next year. We have also begun providing doctor consultations online. We at  1 mg are also looking at other regions that is logical for our customers online.”

How 1 mg intends to expand to new markets

“We will first find the sellers who will pay for the inventory of this city. We identify the big partners we would like to work with. Then we put into the legal arrangement with them. So that will take a week. Then we will need to take care of the logistics and be certain that the seller can make deliveries etc.. We will also need to hire a local man in the city to handle the vendor partners.

Then it’s all marketing. The first thing we at  1 mg do is that we create the city live on the website along with the program. We begin building orders organically. The program we’ve, is employed for information nationwide, therefore users in the city we are expanding get push notifications and emailers that we’re currently live in your city. Depending upon the city, we at  1 mg will do offline campaigns via papers, health spas. However, the majority of the marketing is digital.

“Healthkart is another business and I am about the service level rather than in the operational level.

It is more of nutrition consumer manufacturer today which has merchandise for muscle gain, protein supplement And weight reduction brands. Their demographic is a younger audience and it’s business is a mass-market where it sells goods related to nutrition. 1mg includes a different demographic in regard to consumer foundation. It is for men and women that are looking for medical information and aid. Chronic diseases, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and osteoporosis.

” 1 mg began just as an information platform for medicine in which we showed people that these are the alternatives for the identical drug. It also revealed plenty of information on side effects, details etc.. Then our customers started asking us if we’ve got all of the information, then why can not I purchase”

“Buying medicine is fairly unevolved or unorganized procedure. Delhi has approximately 50,000 pharmacies and every pharmacy can’t hold over 4-5k medicines and medication. It’s quite common to go to 2-3 pharmacies to acquire everything on your own prescription. If you find the industry too, the pharmacies are adjacent to each other.

Building hope with selling medicine online at  1 mg

“Another thing about buying medicine, is that there is a good deal of suspect item. A number of this medicine is imitation, expired or badly stored. We made sure that the folks we associate are authentic men and women, that they’ve computerized billing and inventory management. We could find out which batch number and if it was created etc..”

” 1 mg began as a credible information resource where people may find medicine better. So, nearly all of our customers are using the program for information prior to the transaction component. Another portion of building trust is the way you behave. The way the experience was for the first time customers determines if they will purchase from you again. In our case, we come from a background where we know customer expectations. By way of instance, individuals would anticipate an Amazon of a Flipkart over a neighbourhood electronics vendor.”

“What healthcare customers require at a really base level is medicine, diagnostics care and doctors. So we’re providing everything a customer needs in an integrated way.

I think the targets of the business (Practo and 1mg) is extremely different. We are not integrated in the doctor degree. We found that lately and that is getting an excellent reaction. The online consultations occurs on chat rather than on video.

The doctor appointments has approximately 82,000 doctors registered. Consultations, we’re right now expanding our foundation. We have about 35 doctors that are actively responding to queries. Since this is an nascent business, we’re not monetizing at this phase.

“You have to decide on the right quality of spouse. Secondly, you need to make sure that these prescriptions are being monitored. 1 mg picks vendors and they need to comply with our requirements.

In pharmacy, the legislation is extremely stringent for people that are breaking the rules. The issue is that half the marketplace works on money and nobody has captured. In our system, we’re extremely apparent that everything will be tracked and monitored and if there is a mistake, we’d certainly work with all the authorities and let them understand what happened and this is really where it came out.

The issue with cash economy contributes to insufficient visibility. People do not feel scared of selling low quality and counterfeit medication.”


The Company Was Established in 2012 since HealthkartPlus, also a subsidiary of both HealthKart, by Prashant Tandon (an former executive of Ranbaxy Laboratories), ” Gaurav Agarwal and also Vikas Chauhan. 1 mg works an online market place for medicines, besides facilitating medical appointments and diagnostic evaluation bookings.

Saksena, that was simply the worldwide business mind, online food ordering, in Zomato Media Pvt. Ltd, experienced earlier worked as vice-president of studio operations in Disney Interactive Media team in Palo Alto and Unilever in India.  Recognized by Govt of India – Ministry of Health along with Family Welfare being a m-health initiative which consumers may utilize.

Finalist in e-health class at Manthan Award – Asia Pacific – In partnership with Federal Government of India.  1 MG Technologies Pvt. Ltd. possesses and works with an  online medical store.     It empowers customers to Find out More about their medicines and Additionally find far more cost-effective substitutes.  1mg’s doctor system aims to revolutionize the way the user finds out the right healthcare professional because of his requirements.

It’s diagnostics service brings sophistication and price-effectiveness to laboratory evaluations.   1 mg is a initiative found in the spirit of public service With an vision to empower Indian shoppers and caregivers to pick one of the most appropriate healthcare service in the best possible price.

Providers of 1 Mg are all:-

  1. Prashant Tandon Co Founder
  2. Gaurav Agarwal Co Founder
  3. Vikas Chauhan Co Founder


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