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Bata – India’s favorite footwear Manufacturer

Bata India is the biggest retailer and leading producer of apparel in India and is a portion of the Bata Shoe Organization.

Incorporated as Bata Shoe Company Private Limited in 1931, the business was set up initially as a small operation in Konnagar (near Calcutta) in 1932. In January 1934, the foundation stone for the first building of Bata’s operation – today referred to as the Bata. In recent years that followed, that the general site was doubled in place. This township is popularly called Batanagar.

The business went public in 1973 as it changed its title to Bata India Limited. Today, Bata India has established itself as India’s biggest apparel retailer. Its retail network of over 1200 stores gives it a reach / policy that no other apparel company may match. The stores are present in good locations and could be found in most of the metros, mini-metros and towns

Bata’s smart looking brand new stores encouraged by a selection of better quality goods are aimed at offering a superior shopping experience to its customers.

The business also operates a sizable non retail distribution system through its metropolitan wholesale division and also caters to millions of customers throughout 30,000 dealers.

Our Values

We follow the worth of the Parent Company, Bata Shoe Organization, which can be:

We’re passionate about delighting our customers. We’re proud and energized by being a part of a family company with deeply held values. We’ve got all invested something of ourselves in the business and behave as if the firm was our very own. We like to win but not at any cost. We take responsibility for how we impact the numerous and diverse communities in which we function.

We appreciate individuals with the courage to change, and also to be ready to fail sometimes. We’ve got a healthy dissatisfaction for the status quo. We promote creativity. We recognize curiosity and original idea. Innovation is the foundation stone of the firm. We adopt the future but have time to learn previously. We all do what we say we will do and don’t rest on our laurels. We celebrate success and appreciate everyone’s unique contribution towards achieving your objective.


We lead by example and follow along with called. We appreciate individuals who take accountability for their successes and failures. We take responsibility for our own performance and the performance of those around us. We support and encourage others to perform their best. We put great importance on developing ourselves and people around us and we all believe that feedback is the breakfast of champions. We discuss openly with other people and we behave with integrity in all that we do.


When it is products, procedures, or individuals, we’re uncompromising when it comes to quality. We strive to make products which are easy to purchase, exciting to use, and exceptional value. We strive to be the most responsible and efficient in all that we do it dictate to deliver the best value to our customers. We function in which design, comfort and value match. Delighting the diverse needs and tastes of our customers is our lifelong mission.


Making people’s lives better was in the crux of the corporation’s philosophy for more than 120 years. We believe that we can really make a difference in the lives of everyone we touch through openness and tolerance to race, religion or cultural differences. We provide an inclusive and supportive work environment to our employees at which individuality is valued, where individuals can ‘be themselves’, and in which everyone is invited to grow.

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