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Chumbak: Everything about this souvenir website.

Chumbak was set in 2010 being an idea for creating a wide selection of enjoyment souvenirs for India and Indians.  It turned out to be a simple notion.  Let us give the world something trendy to choose back out of their journeys to India.  We loved design and which was over everything.  Period. Grab the best deals and discounts only at Shop4lyf.

Nevertheless little did we understand exactly what was going to follow along.  What began with souvenirs stocked in multi model outlets shifted itself into a business spanning stores around the country in both our high format experience stores and pop-up stores across malls and high roads.

Eye-catching, quirky, interesting, irreverent — all these would be the oft-voiced phrases and words which can be utilised to describe the offerings in Chumbak, the business which produces Indian motifs on laptop sleeves, mobile covers, magnets, totes, as well as a slew of additional gaily printed items that gives off a happy, peppy image of India.   Quitting very well paid company projects, the Chumbak in 2011.Within the first six weeks, the business broke even.

The newest has significantly increased through time, evolving into a lifestyle manufacturer with 100 product or service categories.  Chumbak’s signature quirky, vibrant and India-inspired designs have been retailed by using their very own website and e commerce programs, in addition to by means of 17 exclusive stores around India.

The creators aim to fortify the startup division, and also significantly more than simply minding their existing retail existence.   Chumbak issued Series C1 taste stocks for this investment, which might possibly participate a bigger Series C round. The position of this fundraising exercise couldn’t be ascertained.

They’re a Design Led Lifestyle Brand Name for goods throughout Attire, Home and Accessories.  We retail over 100 categories throughout 17 stores pan India.  Chumbak retails throughout their internet store, which includes turned into a highly interactive and quick growing online business with a focus in building a powerful new as a result of engaging memorable and content buying experiences.

Identify lifestyle services and products – totes, phone addresses, key chains, pockets, and so forth – which can be bright and attractive and it’s likely that you will find these in Chumbak, the lifestyle services and products startup. The start up has visibility, either online and offline – in its exclusive stores and multi-brand retailers.

Creator and Chief Executive Vivek Prabhakar along with co founder Shubhra Chadda have built a powerful business all around extraordinarily designed and designed services and products, including attire and apparel, totes and pockets, souvenirs, key chains and jewelry.

Chumbak Requires everyday items and turns them into pleasure Solutions & vibrant   Chumbak’s achievement story has astonished numerous, but create ‘Google’ curious.  Google chosen the firm as one among many 3 companies worldwide to get a specific case analysis on what companies have successfully used services.  What started out as a unique Chatur Idea that stirred up one fine day involving a trave-lo-maniac bunch, is today placed to enlarge their kiosks from eighty — 100 strange  the country.

The multifarious model of Chumbak of having a online, in addition to offline existence is working miracles to that happy bunch.  Where as according to this company they’ve been having several times the development annual.  Like most of retail business, you can find troubles of design, furnish and distribution chain management and distribution.  Shubra takes and admits that the battle gladly.  She claims, “One of the absolute most interesting things in Chumbak is working on brand new designs.

However, no accomplishment story may be whole without the challenges.  The issues commenced with getting every one of these services and products in one area — that the soda up kiosks.  Vivek claims that it was not simple to pick the right model, size of those stores as well as also the kind of areas.  “This is the first time that the new was going to be more symbolized as an standalone store,” provides Vivek.

They confronted a similar obstacle to its flagship stores, however in a bigger scale.  That they needed to figure out a completely different type, selling it, merchandising to it and creating marketing language to your exact same.  Vivek claims that it had been a time nevertheless they’d heaps of pleasure.  Vivek believes, they made from it better, stronger and with increased electricity.

Made from this love of design, Chumbak requires everyday things and transforms them into vibrant and fun-filled services and products.  We are driven by smiling customers and also to Produce Happy is exactly what helps make them tick.


They comply with a hybrid business model in the place where they cope with the two online and offline existence.  Initially majority in their marketing and advertisement was and then they begun retailing in multi-brand shops like Crosswords, Sapna Book property and tiny boutiques.  “Finally folks began coming back and saying that they would like to find each one of Chumbak underneath one roof, so which is if in 2012 we decided to start our very own store.  Thus, we started our first kiosk in Forum shopping mall in Bengaluru,” provides Vivek.

Nevertheless it had been a six months experiment, within fourteen days they realised that they have to rise longer in provisions and conditions of their offline attendance as their faithful customers commenced loving their stores. Targeting to establish 15 very own kiosks in 2013 and possess a presence in each Significant airport in India Raising children plus also a growing a business in an identical time is actually a barrier which Shubhra Chadda experienced to compete with once she recently founded Chumbak in 2010, once her daughter had been just two yrs old.

“Right right away I did not desire Chumbak to really be quite a niche business.  I desired it to function as always a mass new, which intended keeping prices cheap and scaling it up over the country,” claims Chadda, ” 3 2.


In addition, he goals of visiting the top fifty eateries of the world.   “My philosophy regarding foodstuff is to try out everything the moment.  Due to Prabhakar, Chadda too has come to be a meals adventurer, however its own yoga which retains her positive.  “I have now been practicing yoga for five decades today.   A working mum, she creates it a point to prevent give her up yoga time in the morning, following sending their eight-year old kid to school.

“This one hour in the morning, I be certain to dedicate to myself personally and closed everything else out.”Chumbak is actually a design fresh which I co-founded with Vivek Prabhakar in ’09.  We began Chumbak to bring a bit of colour and fun to travellers that they can just take back just a little piece of India with them.

5 years now on, we have advanced to be a lifestyle brand name which loves to be happy and adjust the manner India seems to be in design.  We are super excited about the foreseeable future, and so are put to set Indian design to the world map. Launched Chumbak, by Subhra Chadda sells designer t-shirts, tins and coffee mugs

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