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It was established in October 2007 from Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal (no relation). Flipkart has established its own product range under the title “DigiFlip” with products including pills, USBs, and laptop bags.

Flipkart, is a E-Commerce firm founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. They were working for Amazon previously. It is registered in Singapore and it functions in India, in which it is based in Bangalore, Karnataka.  Flipkart has established its own product range under the title “DigiFlip” with products including pills, USBs, and laptop bags. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, that had been working for had an idea to Begin an e-commerce Business in India.

Flipkart is an India based e-commerce platform that started in 2007. Flipkart, owned and started by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal , first started selling novels online and slowly and gradually, steadily enlarged its horizons. The exact first merchandise which Flipkart sold was a book. Basically, an e-commerce platform or website is like a virtual market place. Let us explain by a simple example. Perhaps you have ever gone to some super market industry?  Like Wal-mart? You will find merchandise from numerous lots of brands there, from which you can choose and buy.

Now simply take this entire scenario in world wide web i.e about the internet.  That is just a big website wherever individuals who market different things become registered and also set their services and products.  Thus Flipkart gets to be a grocery store about the internet.  If you want to purchase a product, it is directed to this seller that directs you precisely to the required commodity.

This is actually the entire concept of why Flipkart has increased by bounds and leaps since its launching in 2007. As mentioned above Flipkart started with the sale of novels. As ore and more consumers switched to Flipkart to get shopping, investors switched to Flipkart to encourage that the firm’s prospective plan.  The business raised US$1 million in ’09 from investment capital funds Accel India.

Then, another US$10 million in 2010 and also US$20 million in June 2011 by Tiger world wide.  But corporation took everyone by surprise as it declared that it raised $1 billion in already existing investors including Tiger international Management LLC, Accel Partners, along with Morgan Stanley Investment administration and also a fresh investor, the Singapore sovereign-wealth finance GIC. New York-based private equity corporation Tiger international Management LLC is your most significant investor in the corporation today.

Afterwards, in February 2012, the organization launched its fresh Digital Music Store.  Nevertheless, it had been closed down on 17 June 2013 as paid tune downloads did not become common in India because of to the arrival of completely free music streaming sites. However, Flipkart has seen immense boon in business and has had a turnover of 300 million in gross merchandise volume.

In 2015, Flipkart purchased a minority stake in navigation and path optimization start-up MapmyIndia. This was done in order to support and improve its delivery using numerical my India resources. Since that time, there wasn’t any looking back for the creators of India’s number one online market place.  In April 2016, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal were named in 100 most influential individuals in TIME.

They have come a long way from using a small office space which experienced a rental of approximately Rs 8,000 a month. That had no power backup, no AC, also nearly no-windows.  Sachin Bansal and also Binny Bansal, that have been working for experienced a idea to begin an e commerce corporation in India.   They abandoned their tasks in Amazon to start out their particular business.  One could easily predict that this was a risky movement.  In a country in which folks have various preferences and tastes, an e-commerce start up will consistently possess challenges that are enormous.  In India, we frequently like to search in individual and purchase merchandise they visit and also like.  But Flipkart has become super successful proving everyone wrong.

Furthermore, their various schemes like the ‘Big Billion Day’ sales have been massively successful! Have confidence in Flipkart to aim something brand new to build the buzz round its Big Billion Days purchase on social media.  To coincide with the introduction of the selling on the grand day, Flipkart had released a tune ‘For India’, conducted by a group of people who Flipkart counts among its staff members as associates.  Rajesh Radhakrishnan, the lead singer of Flipkart’s de facto internal ring The Oval Office and also a Supervisor with all the organization’s Internal Communications crew, is your person responsible with this videogame. Flipkart has always found new and innovative ways to sell its products and generate great revenue.

Flipkart has grown in heaps and bounds, since, the concept of e commerce is spreading in a fairly rapid speed in the mind of the Indian user.  In the metros, lack of time is actually a big driver for online shopping. Moreover, restricted accessibility to some variety of services and products causes audiences out of more compact towns and cities to elect for the online stores.  Significant retailers encounter struggles in stocking their stores satisfactorily.  Many Times, customers are not able to buy items of their choice, thereby, prompting them to take their business to e-retailers.

Moreover,  offers great discounts and deals on mobiles like slashing the costs from 29,999 or offering with Rs.  10,001 discount. Take the example of Iphones. The 128GB iPhone 7 is sold at 18,999 (commonly priced at Rs.  26,000).  The biggest discount on the iPhone models is really on the 32GB iPhone 7 which is available for only  16,201.  You may even pick the 64GB iPhone 8 on your the Rs.  60,999 (originally priced at Rs.  64,000) or even opt for your 256GB iPhone 8 furthermore by paying Rs.  84,999 (found at Rs.  86,000).

There tend to be far more iPhone offers listed around the selling web page.  The discounted prices mentioned usually do not include the additional 10 percentage instant discount for HDFC lender credit card end users.

And they have also started several other great schemes like the Buyback guarantee. With all the Buyback Warranty,  promises to obtain back your phone at a confident price.  Therefore, if your intention is on purchasing a brand new phone following some months, the e-retailer will purchase back your phone in the guaranteed price, irrespective of industry conditions.  Once you get a brand new phone from Flipkart, the e-retailer will purchase back your device in a fixed price, and also the number will soon be trimmed out of the price tag on your brand new phone.  But it needs to be said that the BuyBack Warranty is just valid for its limited period, which can either be 6 to 8 weeks, or even 9-12 weeks.

Whenever you buy a smartphone in during the purchase, you will truly have a cover, an excess policy price to avail the offer.  This policy price varies in line with the total cost of this phone.  If the device is priced significantly less compared to a Rs.  19,999, you should need to pay for another Rs. 399.  For, Rs.  29,999, you would need to pay an additional Rs.  599 and so forth.


Today, due to Flipkart, e-commerce has turned into one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Flipkart is definitely an online e commerce portal site which will help you in getting things you want make it a pencil, Phone, T-shirts and so forth.  Delivered to your doorstep or sometimes right in your hands. Flipkart is currently a Singaporean Business which works on India and contains its headquarters in Bangalore.  It had been set in 2007 from Sachin bansal along with Binny Bansal.

ECommerce participant Flipkart has announced the launching of Flipkart Marketplace. To begin with, Flipkart has on-board 50 vendors who will sell books, media, and consumer electronics.

The statement signifies a change in the manner in which Flipkart does business. With a market model, Flipkart will no more have an inventory of its own, instead buyers can cope with vendors directly and also the delivery will be done by Flipkart. The model will probably be similar to eBay India.


Going forward, customers will have the ability to compare vendors and receive the best prices at varied service levels to many products. Flipkart will even introduce this model to categories like clothing, shoes amongst others.

“We made the blueprint for Flipkart Marketplace with all the determination to take online shopping to the masses. In the previous 12 months, over 80 million unique visitors have come to

In terms of enabling the SME community, Marketplace will currently enable smaller players to innovate precisely the exact same platform as bigger established retailers and let them exude business intelligence by understanding their position vis-a-vis competition based on factors like pricing, offers, prices, etc..

At the moment, the entire investory of all Flipkart is being handled by WS Retail. While WS Retail will continue to become one of those vendors, Flipkart will even gradually incorporate new vendors.


A quick look into any success story indicates a route breaking idea in the center of the narrative. It is not the idea itself however, that the conviction to convert ideas into action and action into results is exactly what defines a real success story. Measured by this yardstick, Flipkart has become a hugely profitable.

Back in 2007, when premiered, Indian e-commerce industry had been taking its beginner measures.

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, that had been working for had an idea to begin an e-commerce business in India. Both of these are alumni of IIT, Delhi and so are native of Chandigarh, India. They abandoned their tasks in Amazon to begin their own business.

One can easily call that a risky move. In a country where people have various preferences and tastes, an ecommerce startup will constantly have enormous challenges. In India, we often choose to store in person and purchase products they visit and like.

started selling novels to begin with. It soon expanded and started offering a wide variety of products. Innovating right from the beginning, Flipkart was home to a number of the striking characteristics of Indian e-commerce.

As the firm grew in prestige, more funding arrived. repaid the investors’ faith with terrific performances every year.

Their very last round of Fundraising had increased their worth to $ 15 billion, but as of February 2016, according to Morgan Stanley, their estimated worth stands at $11 billion.

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